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We do not sell extra small or small oysters in

        the shell due to vibrio parahaemolyticus from May 1st to

        October 15th or any for raw consumption during that period.

We are dedicated to the health and safety of our customers.



Located in the scenic Union Bay, British Columbia, Baynes Sound Oyster Co. Ltd. has been a leading seafood farmer, wholesaler, and distributor since 1965. Our commitment to excellence has made our seafood renowned worldwide. We offer world-class seafood with competitive pricing and discounted rates for large orders. Our global shipping ensures that the finest flavors of the ocean reach you, no matter where you are.


Indulge in Baynes Sound Oysters, a culinary treasure from British Columbia's pristine coastal waters. Known as Komo Gway Oysters, they're cultivated sustainably in the nutrient-rich Comox Valley. Experience the firm, briny taste with a hint of cucumber and a sweet finish, perfect for any half-shell connoisseur.  Don't miss out on these Pacific Northwest delicacies!


Manila clams, a culinary legacy of Vancouver Island, have evolved from an early aquaculture venture to the gourmet clam of the Pacific coast. Their multicolored patterns and thin shells not only promise quick preparation but also ensure an eye-catching presentation. Perfect for a variety of dishes - be it pasta, chowders, or as a steamed main dish - these clams are an ideal choice for restaurants, seafood counters, and wholesalers alike.

Sustainably farmed for generations on certified beaches, our Manila clams are carefully hand-dug at low tide, meticulously sorted, and thoroughly washed. Each clam is a testament to our commitment to quality, ready to be shipped directly to you for an unparalleled culinary experience.

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Browse & purchase from our products online and pickup at our store location!



Experience the timeless flavors of Baynes Sound with our hand-dug oysters and Manila clams. Harvested at low tide from the nutrient-rich waters of British Columbia, our large, briny oysters and versatile Manila clams are perfect for any culinary creation. Each piece embodies a journey from past to future, offering a taste that's both nostalgic and innovative. Ideal for restaurant menus and seafood enthusiasts alike, our seafood is a testament to quality and tradition. Savor the exceptional taste that only Baynes Sound can offer.

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