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Cooked Crab from Baynes Sound Oyster Co. in British Columbia is a sumptuous seafood delicacy, epitomizing the rich flavors of the Canadian Pacific. This crab, cooked to perfection, features a bright, inviting shell with hints of orange and red, signaling the transformation from ocean to table. The meat inside is succulent and tender, offering a sweet and slightly briny taste that captures the essence of the ocean. Each bite is a harmonious blend of texture and flavor, making it a favorite among seafood lovers. Ideal for elegant dinners or casual feasts, this cooked crab can be enjoyed on its own, dipped in butter or lemon, or used in a variety of dishes, from salads to hearty crab cakes. Its versatility and exquisite taste make it a standout dish, reflecting the pristine quality of the waters from which it was harvested.


Crab - Cooked

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