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Littleneck Clams from Baynes Sound Oyster Co., BC, Canada, are a true culinary delight, embodying the pristine essence of the Pacific Northwest waters. These clams, harvested with care from the nutrient-rich waters of Baynes Sound, are notable for their sweet, briny flavor and tender texture. Each clam, encased in a polished, deep-hued shell, reveals a plump and luscious meat that's both succulent and satisfying. Ideal for a variety of dishes, these clams shine whether steamed, grilled, or incorporated into sumptuous stews and chowders. They are a testament to the purity of the Canadian coastline, offering a fresh, oceanic taste that's both invigorating and refined. Perfect for seafood aficionados, Baynes Sound's Littleneck Clams are a testament to the rich, bountiful waters of British Columbia.

Clams - Littleneck

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