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Welcome to Baynes Sound Oyster Co. Ltd. in beautiful Union Bay, British Columbia.  We are an established seafood farmer, wholesaler, and distributor, in business since 1965.  Our seafood is world-class and so are our clients. We ship all over the world.  We offer competitive pricing and shipping, as well as discounted pricing for large orders.


Baynes Sound Oysters are also known as Komo Gway Oysters and are a Pacific Northwest oyster from one of the British Columbia oyster appellations.  They are cultivated in the heart of Canada’s Shellfish Capital – the Comox Valley – within the traditional territory of the K’ómoks First Nation.  The pristine coastal waters of Baynes sound provide an abundance of nutrients for these oysters which have a long history of sustainable farming practices.


Baynes Sound Oysters are firm fleshed with a refreshingly briny taste and vibrantly colored mantel. They have a subtle note of cucumber and a slightly sweet finish. 


Manila clams are one of the first aqua cultured shellfish on our Coast, introduced by settlers to Vancouver Island, and further developed as a clam fishery by the middle of the 20th century. Now, live farmed manila clams are the gourmet clam of the Pacific coast.


Their multicolor patterns and thin shell allow for quick preparation and delightful presentation. They are an Ideal ingredient in pasta dishes, chowders, soups, or as main dish steamed, and they are ideal for restaurant menus, retail seafood counters, and live clam wholesalers.


Sustainably farmed for generations and hand dug on certified beaches, our farmed manila clams are dug by hand at low tide, hand sorted, washed, and sent to you in a container of your desire.

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Enjoy our oysters and clams straight from the ocean! Harvested at low tide, our seafood is big, fresh, and full of the beach’s natural flavors. With every bite, you'll get a hint of the clean, salty air and the freshness of the sea.


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