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A Single Oyster from Baynes Sound Oyster Co., nestled in the pristine waters of British Columbia, is a small yet exquisite representation of the Pacific's marine bounty. This oyster, with its distinct, rugged shell, encapsulates the very essence of the ocean. Upon opening, it reveals a plump, lustrous meat, shimmering with freshness. The flavor is a perfect harmony of sweet and briny, reflecting the nutrient-rich environment in which it was nurtured. The texture is smooth and succulent, offering a burst of oceanic taste with every bite. Ideal for a taste of luxury or as part of a curated seafood experience, this single oyster from Baynes Sound is not just a dish but a celebration of the rich, unspoiled waters of British Columbia, delivering a unique and memorable flavor that lingers long after the last bite.

Oyster - Single

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