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The 14 oz Shucked Oysters from Baynes Sound Oyster Co., hailing from the crystal-clear waters of British Columbia, offer a convenient and exquisite seafood experience. This package, containing 14 ounces of expertly shucked oyster meat, is a testament to both quality and convenience. Sourced from the finest oysters, each piece in this selection is a tribute to the rich marine environment of the Pacific Northwest.

These shucked oysters present a luscious, tender texture, coupled with a burst of fresh, briny flavor that is both refreshing and subtly sweet. The 14 oz size is ideal for various culinary applications, from creating elegant oyster-based appetizers and salads to enhancing hearty main dishes like stews and pasta. It's also perfect for those who enjoy the taste of fresh oysters but prefer to avoid the task of shucking. Baynes Sound Oyster Co.'s commitment to sustainable harvesting and processing means that every bite not only delivers exceptional taste but also supports the health and sustainability of ocean ecosystems. This 14 oz offering of shucked oysters is more than just a convenience; it's a culinary treasure, bringing the essence of British Columbia's pristine waters to your table.

Oysters - Shucked - 16 oz

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