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The 8 oz Shucked Oysters from Baynes Sound Oyster Co., sourced from the fertile waters of British Columbia, offer a delightful taste of the ocean in a convenient package. Perfect for smaller meals or intimate gatherings, this 8-ounce container is filled with freshly shucked oyster meat, renowned for its rich flavor and smooth texture. These oysters encapsulate a delicate balance of sweet and briny notes, a signature of their Pacific origin. Whether used in elegant starters, added to a seafood stew, or enjoyed simply with a squeeze of lemon, these shucked oysters bring a touch of gourmet sophistication. Baynes Sound Oyster Co.'s commitment to sustainability ensures that each oyster not only provides a delectable taste experience but also contributes to the preservation of British Columbia's marine habitats.

Oysters - Shucked - 8oz

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